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A common complaint in modern homes is the lack of storage space.  Let us fix this by making the most of every nook and cranny.  We can use economical melamine-faced boards with vinyl wrapped doors, or handmade and spray-painted door styles or birch plywood as used in our other alcove furniture.

Alcoves (Storage)




After a detailed survey of your room, precise 3D CAD drawings are created to show clearly how your bespoke fitted furniture will really look.  For more details on our process please visit our process page.


Materials and Finishes

We offer a limited range of high quality materials to ensure the best results.  For functional storage units we often use durable vinyl wrapped doors and melamine finishes.  We can also use our painted high density MDF, or birch plywood.


Paint Finish

We use a durable and environmentally friendly waterbased sprayed finish as standard.  The sheen level is 15%.  We do a lot of work in brilliant white but we can mix paint to match any colour name or code you provide us with.

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Storage Units in a Terraced House

In this video we share the building process of a number of bespoke fitted storage units and display shelving units in the kitchen/dining area of a Sheffield terraced house.

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