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We specialise in spray-painted bookcases and cupboards, and we often integrated TV/audio equipment and lighting.

We can also work in oak, birch plywood, and the latest technical sheet materials and ultra-modern high gloss acrylic doors.

White painted wall shelving with oak top




Precise 3D CAD drawings will be produced to give you full confidence in what you are paying for.


TV & Media Integrations

We design furniture to fit your TV and audio equipment.  We often mount TVs and soundbars on inset back-panels to create a void for cabling accessible from the cupboard below.

We can price to include installation of a TV bracket but it is your responsibility to source a suitable bracket for your TV.  We recommend using only Peerless, Vogels or Techlink products.  If you order via they can give further advice.

To control equipment behind cupboard doors we recommend getting an inexpensive infra red repeater which you can easily source yourself.  It receives the signal from your remote control with a discrete black receiver on the countertop, and transfers the signal into the cupboard via a wire where it is retransmitted by infra red emitters to be picked up by all of your equipment.


Paint Finish

We use a durable and environmentally friendly waterbased sprayed finish as standard.  The sheen level is 15%.  We do a lot of work in brilliant white but we can mix paint to match any colour name or code you provide us with.

Our real oak and birch plywood components are sprayed in a low sheen durable waterbased lacquer.



We offer a limited range of high quality materials for the best results.  For most projects we use the best moisture resistant MDF by Finsa.  With this materials we can offer hard durable furniture with a crisp high quality finish, and free swinging doors which will not twist or bind, on soft closing hinges..

We also use solid oak for countertops; log storage boxes and other details, or even whole projects.


Lighting and Electrics

We often design and fit integrated lighting into our furniture.  We use a tried and tested 12volt LED system which comes with a 7 year guarantee on the components.  All we need is an available standard 3 pin socket and we will take care of the rest, including discrete switches concealed into the furniture, or even remote controlled systems.



We routinely accommodate cabling into our designs - providing outlets in the most suitable places, and routing any cables that needs to pass through units in the neatest way.

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Flawless Finish

In this video I describe how our choice to pre-spray components off site for the convenience of our customers forces all sorts of decisions about the construction and detailing of the design, resulting in a flawless finish with no touching up on site.

Bookcase with Guitar Display

We like to design furniture that enhances how you really want to live.  This large bookcase for 2 Sheffield academics was to be built in a room where the musician in the household also rehearsed.  I suggested incorporating the music into the design.

Building Solid Cantilevered Floating Shelves

This video shows how we built cantilevered floating shelves with no risk of sagging.

Different Price Points Explained

When seeking quotes for fitted furniture you may receive a wide range of prices.  It can be hard to understand the potential differences, so we made this video to show possible variations in details of construction and quality of finish.

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