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Make home working a pleasure and not a chore!

We can create desk space and storage to help you focus. We also integrate cabling and lighting.





After a detailed survey of your room, precise 3D CAD drawings are created to show clearly how your bespoke fitted furniture will really look.  You will have the opportunity to choose and confirm heights, depths, widths, shelf spacings, and any other necessary details such as cabling arrangements and lighting.  Our aim is to give you full confidence in what you are paying for.


Materials & Finishes

In the example pictured we mixed high gloss slab acrylic doors with real oak, sprayed in a low sheen clear finish.  We also work in birch plywood, high density MDF for sprayed white or coloured work, and a range of high quality melamine, acrylic and vinyl wrapped finishes.

Lighting and Electrics

Home offices are a great place to incorporate well designed lighting, to improve the working environment and create focus.  We also plan cable outlets, trays and sockets in partnership with our recommended electricians so you have all the equipment where you need it without cluttered cabling.


Bespoke Storage

Bespoke design means not only fitting the furniture to the space, but sizing it to accommodate the specific items you need to store (see next image)


Easy-Access Pullouts

When working from home, the work space often has other uses outside of work time.  It's great to be able to hide away the equipment required for your work, then to quickly access it when you need it.  We can accommodate items such as printers on custom designed pullouts.

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Building a Floating Desk

This video shows Alastair building a floating desk for an episode of George Clarke's 'Old House New Home'.

If you are an Instagram user you can also see a typically candid story of the installation of the oak and gloss white compact home office in this story highlight.

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