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sharing over 15 years of experience

You can find many more videos demonstrating how our furniture is designed, built and installed on Alastair’s YouTube Channel:

Follow him on Instagram for the latest project photos (main feed) and ongoing educational woodworking content on the stories feature (tap the circle logo on the main Freebird page to see the latest story, or browse the line of small circles to view previous story highlights):

If you want to get more serious about learning fitted furniture you can also sign up for exclusive training content and downloadable plans at

After receiving free training content for over a year via YouTube, a number of Alastair’s subscribers were asking how they could ‘tip’ him for the benefits they’d received. Alison researched and found an easy to use platform called ‘Buy Me a Coffee’ where subscribers could show their support. This has since grown into a membership site where members can pay monthly to received exclusive extra content