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The Freebird Gaming Table is a meticulously designed yet elegantly simple multifunctional table.  It is a high quality extendable dining table, which also hides a number of features for board game enthusiasts and anyone who needs an additional large work surface in their house, which does not need to be disturbed when dinner is ready!

Years in development; improved over 3 iterations (so far) with feedback from many board game enthusiasts, it was exhibited in it's second incarnation at the UK Games Expo in 2019.  Find out more below.

The Freebird Gaming Table

Originally designed for board game enthusiasts who don't have space for 2 separate tables, the 8cm gaming recess allows the dining table leaves to be replaced on top of a game in progress, with no risk of spills penetrating through the tops.

This table will also be loved by jigsaw players, crafters, lego enthusiasts, and anyone who wants an additional playing surface or work area that does not need to be cleared away at mealtimes!

For a full overview of the table's many additional features, please see the video link at the bottom of this page.


The First Variation

First Version

The first Freebird Gaming table was a bespoke design commissioned for a local board game enthusiast called Andy.  Andy introduced Alastair and his family into the world of serious boardgamers, and we since became friends.  Andy felt something was lacking in the existing options on the market, and Alastair approached it as a design challenge from first principles.  4 years later Andy and his family still love their gaming table, but they also provided feedback for future improvements.


Second Version

Pictured here in use by Andy and Alastair's families, the second version of the table was a complete re-design, using materials and methods suitable for future mass production.  The  loose leaves of solid oak used for the tops in the original design compromised the spill stop mechanism due to their natural tendency to shrink and expand sligthly.     By using  oak veneered birch plywood instead we created a more reliable tight fitting (yet easily removable dining surface), with a more modern design aesthetic.


Third Variation

The current design (visible in the workshop in the gallery images above, and in the video at the bottom of this page) is a further refinement of the second version.  The concealed groove under the outer rim, along with the cup holders and tray inserts, have been completely redesigned to ensure both ease of insertion, and a secure hold in their desired location.  All details of the design have been refined.  Perhaps the most significant addition is a fourth leaf, stored discretely under the table along with supporting brackets, extending the length of the dining surface from 165cm to 220cm.


Computer Aided Design

This table is designed with our usual attention to detail, using the latest CAD software. It has been optimised for manufacture using a CNC machine, recently installed in our new workshop.   Like all our work it also requires  meticulous hand finishing and assembly,  We are continuing to improve all elements of the design as the project progresses towards batch production.


Durable Finish

After some experimentation we have chosen an advanced waterbased clear sprayed finish for this table.  It has great credentials for both durability and being environmentally friendly!  It's a nice smooth low sheen finish that brings out the natural tone of the wood with no risk of yellowing.


**If you are based in Mainland UK, you can now place an order!**

• Table with 3 leaves, strake board, and the boards holder: £2795

• 4th leaf extension upgrade: £200

• Lockable Cup holder insert: £40

• Tray insert: £40

*NEW* • Mug Holder insert: £55

Our designs are improving all the time, please email us for photos of latest variations

Prices are inclusive of VAT and delivery within a 2hr drive from Sheffield. Orders from further away in mainland UK will have an additional charge. We are not yet offering the table for sale in any other territories.

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  • Keep your games completely safe with our spill-stop dining surface. Joints will neither open up, nor let drips through even when removing the leaves after a spill.
  • Don’t compromise on the dining table - a flat uninterrupted surface with only 2 tight seams and continuous woodgrain.
  • Extend your table with a 4th leaf that can be hidden out of sight when not in use. It can also be ordered and retrofitted at a later date.
  • Unparalleled free positioning and locking mechanism for inserts. Place them anywhere you want, and never worry about knocking them up or out accidentally.
  • Store your game box under the leaves with our generous 80mm cavity.
  • Entirely British designed and made, with prolonged refinement after feedback from real board game enthusiasts.

Some facts and figures on our design:

Dining Size (3 leaf) 1650 x 1040mm

Length with 4 leaves 2200mm

Dining Surface Height 786mm

Rim height 761mm

Rim Width 73mm

Internal play area size 1460 x 850mm

Internal play area depth 80mm

*Currently the Freebird Games Table is only available in the above size


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Introducing the Concept

This video shows the second incarnation of our gaming table, which was exhibited at the UK Games Expo at the Birmingham NEC in 2019.   This video gives some background to the project but to see the most recent design please watch the last video below.

The Spill Stop Design

A demonstration of how effective the spill protection is in the joins between the overlaid dining tops. Giving you full confidence that your boardgame is protected underneath!

The Latest Design

Here is a detailed overview of the current design, including a summary of the design decisions made to date; and the different configurations of the current design and it's accessories

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